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Tuesday, July 5, 2016

summer 2016: a check-in

Where did the time go? Since last time, I started an internship and summer classes so it's been crazy busy. My week days are jammed pack with all things criminal defense (internship) and professional responsibility (class) and writing (taking a legal writing class &

Here's what I've been up to ......

The first weekend of June, I taught a writing class with OutdoorFest & Heroes of Optimism on Governor's Island, plus checked out the Oculus.

The second weekend of June, I went to the Rubin Museum and volunteered with OutdoorFest at an mountain biking event with the NYC Mountain Bike Association

The third weekend of June, I went to the ballet at Lincoln Center to watch the American Ballet Theatre's Swan Lake and to the Cloisters (finally went after it being on my to-do list for years!).

The last weekend of June, I went kayaking with IVY & Sourced Adventures. The boy & I took a bus from the LES to the Delaware River (the NY part) with 40+ IVY members. Once we got there, we got in kayaks and paddled down to PA, passing NJ on the left hand side.  It was a 6 mile trip that took us about 2 hours to complete. I LOVEEEEEE kayaking and therefore I loved this trip (because kayaking + wine = good times for all).  The Delaware River is shallow but easy to maneuver with lots of little rocks below the shallow waters that keep your ride interesting (read: it can be a bumpy but fun ride). Once we docked the boats, we got lunch then got back on the bus to a winery for a wine tasting. Peach Chardonnay from Westfall Winery is absolutely delicious.
Yes the winery was on a farm

This past weekend, the boy & I headed upstate. I went to my parent's house Friday night and the next morning picked up the boy from the train station. Poughkeepsie is the end of one of the Metro North lines. Once I picked him up, we went up to Lake George, which is about a 2 hour, 15 minute drive from PK.

Of the fun active things we did...we hiked Black Mountain which was a solid (sorta difficult) hike with lots of shade and gorgeous views of Lake George.

the view from Black Mountain Summit

On the 4th of July, we drove down to my parent's house for lunch but stopped for blueberry picking in Red Hook!

the view from behind blueberries
So there you have it, my weekends have been jammed pack with homework as well as fun outdoorsy things. I have failed on my 5x workouts a week goal but I've been getting plenty of steps in as well as outdoorsy workouts like hiking and kayaking.

How are you staying fit this summer? Tell me in the comments!
Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Summer 2016: let's do this

For the past 3ish weeks, I've been on vacation. No class, no work, no huge responsibilities (other than a few small tasks like submitting scholarship applications and buying textbooks). It's been amazing especially since I went to St. Lucia two weeks ago. But I'm ready to get back on the grind.

Since getting back from St. Lucia, I've gone to a ton of spin classes at Swerve Fitness and I've eaten vegan pizza at Blossom (HIGHLY recommend)

But also cooked a little at home! 

Plus went upstate to my parent's house with the boyfriend and took him through all the awesome things to do in the Hudson Valley...
New Paltz!
Mills Mansion in Staasburg
Tomorrow summer classes start and my internship starts on Friday! I'm very excited and so ready to get back on a set schedule and actually have things to do (yes, I'm THAT girl who needs things to do constantly). It's going to be a crazy busy summer with class and a full-time internship plus a professional exam I need to pass at the end of the summer (MPRE for all you law nerds). 

Summer 2016 is my fifth summer living in NYC and sixth here (interned summer 2011 but I was living upstate). Despite all my time here, I still have a huge bucket list of things to do...

So here's my summer 2016 goals/to-do list:
  1. Kayak in NYC
  2. Learn how to surf
  3. Go to the Cloisters 
  4. Yoga in Bryant Park (Actually I ended up doing this 2x in the past week! I've never actually gone despite the fact they have done this for years. Check out the schedule here.)
  5. Workout 5x a week (The best thing about summer in NYC is all the free workouts from yoga in Bryant Park & Prospect Park + workouts with OutdoorFest)
Speaking about OutdoorFest, check out the OutdoorFest Warm-up at Governor's Island this Saturday. I'll be leading the writing workshop! Check out this awesome article from Brokelyn for deets.

What are your summer 2016 goals?
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